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HMT series intelligent controller using MCU to control, can receive the on-off signal, proportion signal, bus signal, adaptor three-phase contactor or solid state relay control motor positive and reverse, realize the switch operation for the actuator. In the controller internal, integrated perfect protection circuit for overheating, lack of phase, over torque and so on. The controller can provide position signal feedback, multiple field programmable relay state feedback. According to the control signal can be divided into switch type and proportion type, according to the power supply can be divided into single-phase and three-phase.
On-off type receive only external on-off signal, the MCU control panel processing, output instruction after enlargement drive actuator motor remote open or close the action.
On the basis of on-off type, the proportion type can receive external proportion signal.

Bus type: profibus-dp, Modbus, FF, Hart, Device Net.

  Technical Characteritics

2.1. The input voltage range: three phase: AC350V ~ 410 V 50/60 hz (special voltage should be customized)

single phase: AC200V ~ 240 V 50/60 hz (special voltage should be customized)

2.2. Using the absolute encoder, the valve position never lost.The absolute encoder can ensure the high precision, zero wear, long life, strong anti-interference, no battery support.

2.3. Optional all electronic torque detection technology to realize the torque continuous measurement, the over torque value can be adjusted without secondary calibration, it is unnecessary to consider mechanical wear.

2.4. Perfect bus supporting plan: Profibus-dp, Modbus, FF, Hart, Device Net five kind of bus available.

2.5. Unique double speed control mechanism, can make the actuators in work process avoid causing fluid surge effect.

2.6. Infrared setting device and knob (magnetic isolation technique) all can set working parameters, convenient and practical, truly realize free open cover.

2. 7. Perfect level 3 password protection, but to different customers or operator separate authorization, prevent fault parameters set to actuator fault phenomenon.

2.8. Provide five field programmable non-hold type relay feedback, provide an alarm non-hold type relay feedback, extensible four hold-type relay feedback.

2.9.Input /output signal channel have been photoelectric isolation (can bear 2000 v surge voltage).

2.10. The position signal feedback 4 ~ 20 rnA, load resistance: 50 Ω~ 750 Ω,precision: 0.5%;

2.11. Operating temperature range: -30°C ~ + 70°C.

2.12. Use humidity range or less 90% RH, non-condensing around, do notcontain strong corrosive, flammable and explosive gas or dust.

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